September 26, 2022

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Now complete Video KYC registration from your home & learn how

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Video KYC in 2020?

As the world has been hit by this serious deadly pandemic, we’ve all been advised to stay indoors in order to stay safe. What a better way to start with this new feature and take advantage of its benefits. Video KYC does exactly what we are looking for these days to continue in the coming years, now sit in your houses and complete the entire KYC process right from your safe space without having to worry about stepping out of your houses and get done with it in just a few clicks. Get your KYC registration done right from your mobile phones with the new video KYC process through zero personal interaction & completely paperless. All that is required is to have your documents ready, which include :

  • Address Proof
  • Your Photograph
  • PAN Card
  • Cancelled Cheque
  • Your Signatures

This new feature totally removes the need to go to the bank and get the KYC process completed. You do not have to invite strangers into your home or share any hard copies of your personal details or wait for weeks and days to get your account processed and onboard, just through a video call get it all done, chat with the banker directly and provide details on the go. These are very user friendly processes and you will be provided with complete assistance if you need any.

The internet has just brought the world closer even though we are miles apart. Many might consider the current situation as a stumbling block in global economic growth but the urgent need to digitise businesses can also be seen as a blessing in disguise. In these times of digital enhancement in every industry, we are also seeing a rapid growth in the digital banking sector. Now we can not only order food, groceries & clothes from our mobile phones but also open and manage a KYC bank account from the comfort of our homes. People do not even need to physically go to the bank and complete their KYC process

What is it?

Getting more into detail about the new digital KYC feature, here are the most important aspects that you need to keep in mind. It reduces your effort of going to a bank branch, carrying important documents and waiting in a queue just to get the KYC done. However that doesn’t mean that it makes the process any less authentic and secure. You will still need to have all your documents in place, like your address proof, identity cards, signature copies and other documents mentioned above. Once the process has begun, you will be asked to upload or screen your documents at every step.

Digital Banking Growth:

In the recent time especially since the introduction of demonetization, people have begun to consider digital payments and have also begun to promote and practice cashless transactions. Those were only the initial stages of digital growth in the banking industry, but today we are in the midst of a boom in digitization processes. Besides conducting basic transactions, the list of online banking features keeps growing. Processes that took days to be completed in the past are now being concluded within minutes and without even stepping a foot out of the house. Get your video KYC verification done to make a KYC money transfer and other such features right at your fingertips.

Data Risk:

People are hesitant to use digital banking apps due to the risk of their sensitive documents being hacked or misused. With facial data adding up to the sensitive data list, but you do not need to worry about it as many high level robotics are in place to make sure no data leak or data misuse happens with the system and keep all the information protected and with the help of these measures it is ensured that such high volume of information is preserved and kept intact.

With your sensitive data and documents secured and KYC being verified through video, what more is needed ? All that you have to now do is just get started and enjoy the service and get your KYC done using the Video KYC feature.

So this is the right time, be a part of the digital banking future and avail yourself of these features and grow yourself along with the whole world as we go paperless as well as decrease costs by using the Video KYC feature.