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Which Three Altcoins Should You HODL Safely in 2020?

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There are different types of investors in the cryptocurrency market just like there are in any financial market. Some people want to jump on the bandwagon and make money from the most trading cryptocurrencies today. They do not care where the blockchain technology goes in the future. All they want is some quick profit on their trades. On the other hand, you have investors who want to hold on to some digital coins and make money in the long run. In their minds, they think cryptocurrencies are here to stay.

Perhaps, it is time you figure out which particular group you belong to. In either case, you can always use the XTR Gate blog crypto trading platform to earn some profits on your trades. Or, you can also consider this Neuer Capital blog full review to make sure your money goes in the right direction. 

Now, if you want to know about the three safest cryptocurrencies in 2020, here they are. 


There is no doubt that Ripple is the safest cryptocurrency out there today. The reason for its safety and protective nature is the problem it addresses, and also the activity of the team behind this project. It is bringing a true solution to a real problem in the world. Secondly, the developers are always active in creating new partnerships and making Ripple a true financial standard in the coming times. The adoption rate of this cryptocurrency is unmatched by any other cryptocurrency on the market other than the big giants such as ethereum and bitcoin. 


Litecoin has already addressed an issue that is going to haunt the bitcoin community in the coming times. It is safe to say that the issue of energy use and environmental pollution has already started to trouble bitcoin owners mentally. Litecoin has come as a solution to this problem. As the name tells, it is light on the computing resources and remains one of the most valuable coins on the cryptocurrency market with its value of more than $80 right now. It is liquid, easy to buy, popular, and viable in the coming times because of how it is generated.


You might not have heard its name if you do not actively follow the gaming community on the internet. It comes from the biggest community of online gaming and provides a variety of in-game solutions to game developers. If you have this coin, you can buy and sell you items inside the game to other gamers as well. It is a free platform right now and allows developers from around the world to create their games on it too. You have half a dozen games on the scene that are already using this coin. If more gamers accept it as a token for their choice in games, ENJ definitely has the potential to be big in 2020.

Final Thoughts

When you have made up your mind of investing in cryptocurrencies, you must start by looking at true problem solvers. Some cryptocurrencies are there only to be there. They do not solve any problem and hence do not stand a chance to survive in the market for a long time. Last but not least, make sure you choose a safe platform to trade your altcoins.