September 26, 2022

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Stop Thinking That Price Is A Barrier To Sell

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When you think that by putting lower prices you are going to sell more, the exact opposite happens to you, and you make your potential clients doubt your services.

Understand that your problems feed on your fears, I recommend facing a real problem. From there, you have to look for potential clients who know less than you about this matter.

So that you will be able to accompany them in solving this problem, instead of worrying about your prices, you should be obsessed with your ability to generate results for your customers.

And if you have no idea what kind of market niche you could choose to start, let me give you an idea—English to Thai translation [แปลภาษาอังกฤษเป็นไทย, which is the term in Thai], we are at the moment of digital transformation.

Of the people and of the businesses, with which, any activity related to alleviating the technological complexity for your clients, in the sales processes, in the delivery processes or the management processes.

How Would I Start Selling When I Have Never Sold A Solution

The first thing I would do is: specialize my offer and try to find five clients to offer my services, but a relatively simple function that can be delivered in two weeks at most.

The idea is to give them something of value in exchange for a testimony. Then I would work for five clients for free to get five powerful testimonials, and I would already have the continuity service ready.

After this two-week Thai to English Translation [แปลภาษาไทยเป็นอังกฤษ, which is the term in Thai] snack that you give to these customers, you should try to sell them; once they have seen your work and they are convinced that you can get results for them, you can make them pay now.

For example, if you are working with a Facebook Ads advertising service, in this case, I would work two weeks for free, demonstrating that I can generate leads and customers for them.