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Ideas to Make Your Garden Look Bigger

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Regardless of how small your garden may appear, there are loads you can do to make it look so much larger. Try these design landscape [ออกแบบ landscape, which is the term in Thai] ideas.

Plant a Few Big Pots Filled with Lots of Plants

With a clutter of little pots all over the place, your garden will seem larger. It will also appear more stylish and much tidier, mainly if you stick to the same material for them all such as glazed ceramic or terracotta.

 Don’t Use Too Many Colours

Too many colours can produce a cluttered feel. You are not trying to reproduce a kid’s paint box, so observe a disciplined palette

 Prune Your Trees

Pruning the lower branches off deciduous trees and shrubs let you pack in more. This is one of the cheapest and easiest garden decoration [รับตกแต่งสวน, which is the term in Thai] ideas, and it really makes a difference. Spring bulbs, such as daffodils and crocuses, can be planted underneath; they will appear in bloom even before the shrubs grow leaves.

Mirrors can Make Your Garden Seem Bigger

This is one of those super simple but incredibly effective small garden ideas. The mirrors reflect the plants to make your garden look double the size and flood it with light. They can make visitors think there’s another route through to a different part of your garden. To reflect more plants, angle it down instead.

 Divide Up Your Space

Even if you just plant a lemon tree or add a border to your lawn, breaking up the line of vision will instantly make the garden appear larger.

Grow Tall Perennials to Send the Eye Upwards

 So many gardens have little plants at the base level and nothing higher up. Choose from strelitzias, wild irises, foxgloves, Verbascum or the airy Verbena bonariensis (mostly available at garden centres).