September 26, 2022

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Qualities to Look for in a Financial Planner

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Today, intentional living is a goal for many people. A great way to create that balanced life and secure future is with a custom financial plan with the help of a fee-only fiduciary in Provo. An experienced fiduciary can guide you on prioritizing your monetary goals. Here are some qualities you should look for in a financial plan and fiduciary in the Provo area.


Some of the best fiduciaries in Provo provide unique technology or platforms that make it enjoyable and easy to access your financial data.

Ask your fiduciary to show you their platform to see if it is accurate and current. Ensure that their platform allows you to link your accounts, view real-time updates, and show records of your goals.


Everybody’s life and goals ebb and flow over time. As such, your financial plan should automatically update as your situation changes. Ensure your fiduciary is willing to meet with you regularly to update your data and goals.


When meeting with your fiduciary, you should consider your goals, taxes, investments, legacy, insurance, and more. In your initial meeting with your fiduciary, you should spend a considerable amount of time making sure that you cover all applicable information about you. There are various strategies available, and your fiduciary should be able to find an in-depth program that best suits your life goals.


Because everybody’s monetary situation and goals are unique, there isn’t a cut and dry financial program for everyone. Ensure your fiduciary understands precisely what you need and that he/she can customize your plan accordingly. When you meet with them, they should consider your specific circumstances to provide personalized investment strategies, tax-saving tips, estate-planning techniques, charitable contributions, and more.


Al goal is just a wish if there isn’t action behind it. Before hiring on a fiduciary, ask them their strategy for making your plan action-based. If you are new to financial this process, it is good to double-check to see if they will help you with applying investment strategies, applying retirement projections, and tax-saving strategies, performing insurance reviews, and setting up education savings and estate plans.

When you have a solid financial plan and implement your Provo fiduciary’s recommendations, you’ll start to see your progress. This progress will give you a strong sense of confidence and peace of mind about your financial future.

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