September 26, 2022

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Make your promotional event more effective with glass bottles

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At present, there are many industries which provide similar types of products to its customers; this is the reason why it gets more important to acquire unique way for product promotion. In Australia most of the companies have started to gift products to their customers which in the long run influence them to acquire products. In case you deal in beverage sector and want to attract more customers then it is essential to purchase custom glass water bottles for the event.

Why should you purchase these bottles for promotional events?

Regular drinking bottles

You can gift glass drinking water bottles Australia to your customers during festival season. This type of promotional activity will give you a chance to create great image of your business in their mind. These bottles can be acquired in different colors and are stylish to look at. They have a silicon sleeve on the outer surface which provides them protection from damages. Most important part is that they are made up of glass thus the water or any other liquid will stay in perfect condition for a long time.

Imprinted bottles

One can also gift their customers’ bottles which have imprinted logo on the outer surface. These water bottles are very trendy to look at as they have bamboo lid on the top and trendy looking screw. This will secure the contents inside the bottle. The glass is made up of borosilicate which provides pure and authentic taste of any beverage or water present inside the bottle. 

Imprinted and trendy looking water bottles are considered ideal for carbonated as well as hot liquids and they are easy to take care of. You can purchase these bottles as different in color pattern and designs which provide a variety to your customers.

Sipper bottles

If you have a shop of gym equipments then you can gift sipper bottles to your customers which are considered as essential for gym-goers. You can purchase cheap promotional drink bottles wholesale Australia which gives crystal clear looks of the content inside the bottle. These bottles contain a straw and drinking valve which let your customers have a sip of water even when they are doing brisk activities like jogging, cycling or any other cardio activity. Sipper water bottles are considered ideal for athletes, cyclists and gym-goers since there is no fear of spilling the water all over you.

Why you should purchase these bottles

These promotional products are cost economic and you can customize them as per the mindset of your customers. Since their versatile look and genuine material they can be used for multiple purposes. This will increase the comfort level of your customer and for sure they will definitely visit your shop the next time for shopping. 

Since the glass used in these water bottles is borosilicate thus they are literally unbreakable, due to this reason your customers can even use them ruggedly and do not even have to fear about a thing. One can even take different types of logo designs on these products viz. laser engraved, digitally transferred or screen printed.