September 26, 2022

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10 Affordable Diwali Gift Options with Your First Salary

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Diwali is the perfect reason for exchanging giftsand spending quality time with your family and friends. While you’d love to give adorable gifts to near and dear ones, it can put a strain on your budget. So, before you embark on a shopping spree, equip yourself with a debit card from your bank and begin looking out for special offers. If you don’t have one, simply open an account online and the debit card will be mailed to you within a few days. Now it’s time to check out affordable gift options for this Diwali.

Buying Affordable Gifts with Debit Cards

#1: Celebratory Dinner: Take your loved ones out for a celebratory dinner. Make sure you are decked up in your finest, so you can get a commemorative photo taken together too. 

#2: A Token of Gratitude: AsDiwali is the festival of lights, one of the most well-received gifts is a hamper laden with sweets and savories, from chocolates to dry fruits, tealight candles and sparklers.

#3: Call Me Maybe: It may be a good timeto upgrade your mother’s old phone to a smartphone with the latest camera features. Online marketplaces offer attractive discounts on electronics during the festive season. However, do remember to check for delivery charges before using your debit card online to buy items.

#4: World’s Greatest Dad: Love You to the Moon and Back! Most Awesome Bro! Choose from a range of inexpensive ceramic mugs with your very own personal message. They will serve as a constant reminder to your near and dear ones. 

#5: My Cup of Tea: Get hand-crafted gourmet teas in different flavors.This is a great idea not just for tea connoisseurs, but also for those who work long hours and need a healthy beverage. Before swiping your debit card, check the fees associated with increased usage.

#6: Fitness onthe Go: Are you a fitness freak? Then you know the importance of a good pair of Bluetooth headphones or a fitness band that pairs with your mobile phone. Gift them to a special someone who loves to walk or run to stay fit and enjoys the outdoors.

#7: Let there be Light: Those simple white candles sure have come a long way! Today you can get them in every form and color – flameless, candle pot, votive, taper or pillar candles. So, go for these easy-on-the-pocket hot glows!

#8: The Gift that Keeps Giving: Regifting is an acceptable and great way to save money! If it’s something you like and would have purchased for someone, it’s alright to rewrap them and give them in the guise of a new gift.

#9: Guardian Angel: You could consider donating a part of your salary to an NGO. Even a small sum counts towards sponsoring a child’s education or paying for his or her basic needs.

#10: Pay It Forward: If you still can’t make up your mind what to gift this Diwali, there are plenty of gift cards to choose from. These prepaid payment instruments can be purchased using  net-banking or credit or debit cardsonline.

Since some banks have fees and charges associated with debit card usage and ATM withdrawals, do consider these when planning your expenses for the festive season. Better still, opt for free debit cards onlinethat allow unlimited withdrawals.