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Lead generation is extremely important for every business

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Lead generation is extremely important for all kinds of business. When you would know about the person to whom you are going to serve, it will make the entire process easy for you. Well, lead generation has to be of good sorts. Not every directed person will become your client. However, if the lead generation activity has been done well, you will be able to extract a number of clients. Just like in the case of Jerry Silver; an Accountant Lead Generation.

Apply the method of CPA- one of the best marketing strategy

So, today is the age of digital lead generation as advertising rarely works in a positive manner. CPA is the best strategy for Lead Generation for Accountants. Referrals would never work, nor would the advertising activity be efficient. So, the lead generation service becomes quite effective when the CPA gets into it.

Follow the footsteps of successful people in order to excel

Through the case study of Jerry Silver, you might get an idea about the importance of CPA as a lead generation activity. His CPA grew by 1020%. Through this effective strategy, whatever the results were produced were extremely true.

Referrals are important but should be combined with a perfect marketing strategy

In this way, Jerry Silver said about the importance of referrals by saying that referrals are unreliable. He said that when he was the co-founder of Booty Camp Fitness, over 1000 clients were surveyed, and around 55% of the clients were received through a referral from a friend.

However, referrals being important are never reliable. The referrals are nothing without initial marketing strategies. It is extremely important that someone at least refer us to someone. But how would someone reach us? How would someone find about us?

So, the initial marketing strategy has to be applied in order to generate referrals. Again, referrals are important, but with the right kind of marketing strategy only.

The success is not easy. It can be achieved by following a few guaranteed steps. So, in this case, everything started with a proper website, which was a high converting website. It attracted traffic that was directed towards a specific audience through AdWords and SEO.

However, the website has to be built perfectly with enough pictures, right marketing input, and contact information. If you are not putting these things on your website, it would be your biggest mistake. So, just like Jerry Silver do the right things only.