September 26, 2022

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Importance of having a trading journal 

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For a rookie trader, the first task will be to improve the trading plans. With valuable strategies and plans, you must develop a strategy. Then you will also need to secure the investment. It may sound simple but there are many crucial things to learn about the Forex market. Even after having safe and secure strategies, you will fail to make profit. Eventually the new Singaporean traders often get frustrate. To improve your strategy, necessary plans must be prepared. You will need to develop your edge to ensure quality executions in each trade. When you will be ready for the real markets with efficient plans, then you should start to execute real trades. Otherwise, focus on progressing your system for a profitable trading career.

While you are preparing plans or improving your strategy, use rational logic. Write down everything while you are improving your edge. Every experience counts when you need to deal with multiple market conditions. Moreover, you also need to behave dynamically while executing a trade. If you can secure the investment with a very low potential loss, your trading experience will be very fruitful because you can improve your edge in a constructive way. Think about the pro traders at Saxo. They always use pen and paper to note down progress. Follow their guidelines and become profitable.

Use a trading journal

To note down the improvement, you will need to use a trading journal. Every Forex trader should use the journal to note down your past trade data. No matter what you experience, the journal must have everything written in it. Otherwise, you cannot improve your trading edge in a constructive way. There will be lacking in your improvement and you will also forget about the potential losses. As potential losses are high, you will need to utilize them for the improvement of your trading edge.

Even from the winners, you can learn about efficient trading. So, you must compare a winner and a loser to understand how to trade efficiently in the markets. To secure your investment and to execute trades for decent profit potential, every plan must be efficient and aimed towards improving the efficiency of your trading plans.

Focus on risk exposures

While you are participating in Forex, the main takes should be securing the investment. It is very important for a rookie trader because potential losses are very high here. Even after a lot of precautions, you can lose money from a trade. But for a safe experience, you need to use the least amount of investment per trade. If you want to stay secure in the trading business, your trades must get decent risk exposures. Your money management plan should ensure it.

Therefore, use the demo trading account to prepare your money management plan. When you are ready with very low investment, the trading experience will be very soothing. Then you can also focus on managing big profit potentials from the trades.

Look for valuable setups

With secured money management, you need to develop a trading plan. It is important to know about the market condition and then look for valuable trade setups. Otherwise, you will execute trades for random setups which is not fruitful for the investment business. In most cases, you will only reduce the profit potential and even lose money from the trades. Therefore, an efficient market analysis is needed for the trades. For a rookie trader, there are many things necessary to learn about. First, the fundamental analysis is needed to learn about the market condition.

The fundamental influences of the markets will help you predict valuable price patterns. Then using valuable technical tools, you must look for a suitable trade setup. Moreover, appropriate supports and resistances must be used for setting the precautions. When you can utilize the trade setups with stop-loss and take-profit like this, your business will be safe.