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Gaming Stocks That Should Outrun Any Potential Stock Market Crash

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iGaming is the world’s fastest growing online gaming business, and there are plenty of PLCs floated on stock markets around the globe that are seeing huge stock price increases as the industry continues to grow with a vengeance. Now with all the scare about economical downfall, huge government debt across the globe, and a fragile stock market, investors are wondering where to put their money next.

iGaming is perhaps one industry that as an investor, you should be looking into. It is a strong industry that grows even in the fact of strict regulations. There seems to be nothing any government can do to stop this billion industry. Even in the US where online gambling has been illegal for years, state governments are giving in and bringing in regulations rather than let the inevitable happen which is a situation where people are going to gamble no matter the restrictions.

Below we take a look at some of the strongest markets to find safe long-term investment in reputable iGaming firms.

US iGaming Companies – Strong Presence & Listed on US Stock Markets

After years of being abolished in the USA, gaming companies such as Caesars Entertainment Inc and MGMResorts International, both floated on US stock markets are now involved in online casino gaming in numerous states.

Currently this growing market has 6 US states now legalising online casinos, 7 online casinos and poker, while online sports betting is now available in over 15 states. That number is set to grow and both Caesars and MGM will be major players along the way.

It will take some time before more US states come online, but as we all know, these are entertainment markets that will flourish. Europe has proved this point, and even places such as Australia where online gambling is illegal, but the government cannot stop its citizens going online. At the end of the day, iGaming and online sports betting are strong markets and will grow.

Currently New Jersey is reaching the $1 billion per year mark for online gambling in a state where the population is only around 10 million people. Michigan has only just introduced new regulation and it is already hitting $100 million a month in revenue and is on path to crash through the $1 billion marker in its first year.

Companies to look out for:

  • Caesars Entertainment, Inc. (CZR)
  • MGM Resorts International (MGM)

UK iGaming Companies – The Leading iGaming Platforms are British!

In al continents across the world UK iGaming firms are pivotal in the growth of online casino, lottery, bingo, and sports betting. These are all growth sectors of the gambling market online, in particular xo slot games and live dealer games.

With these iGaming companies already huge multi-million-dollar firms bringing in huge revenues in Europe, they have been looking for new markets, and of course they found South America already, while Asia has become another huge area of growth.

Companies to look out for:

  • Playtech
  • Flutter Entertainment
  • Entain