September 26, 2022

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Cost of Doing Business In Indonesia

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Many foreign business owners find it a bit daunting to do business in Indonesia. One of the reasons for this is the cost of doing business. But, cost and expenses shouldn’t be a problem if you have the knowledge and skills in managing your finances. Inadequate knowledge is a dangerous thing and venturing out into business without the basic understanding of the associated costs may pose threats to your business. Thus, it would be best if you’re well aware of the various fees you may commit to doing business. For starters, below are the necessary details regarding the costs of incorporation in Indonesia.

Cost Of Doing  Business In Indonesia

The cost depends on the type of business entity you want to establish. The expense associated are the following;

Notary Public Fees

You will seek the expertise of a notary public in checking the availability of your desired business name. They have access to an electronic online system for name verification, and the fee is around IDR200,000 for this facility.

Notarized Business Documents Fee

A Notary Public also provides you with notarized business documents. The highest possible fee paid is 1.5% of the deed item’s valuation, with an economic value varying from IDR100 million to IDR1 billion.

The business documents included in the package are;

  • The Business Name
  • The notarial deed payments.
  • The processing charge for the tax ID number.
  • The domicile charges for processing.
  • The Legalization Fee of the Notarial Deed through the Ministry of Justice and Human Rights.

To sum it all up, the costs will vary from around USD 2,500 to USD5,000 for setting up a business in Indonesia. That is if you hire a consultant to make all the applications for you.  The consultancy firm would do anything possible for the company to be licensed. Furthermore, they’ll help set up your company and address all your concerns on how to open company in Indonesia.

Where To Find Help With Your Business Registration In Indonesia?

Foreign investors need to comply with the cost of setting up a company in Indonesia. Still, as the capital requirement is too much, this can be very difficult for many investors. 3E Accounting Indonesia provides you with the solution. We’ll help you meet the large capital requirement for setting up a business and will see to it that your business is up and running in no time.