September 26, 2022

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Transform Your Factory into a Green Manufacturing Facility

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If you have a manufacturing facility, one of the most important things needed for building a strong brand and success in the highly competitive market is making the operations green. Indeed, most clients looking for various products on the market always follow back to confirm if they are produced in an environmentally friendly way. Therefore, ignoring the need to go green can be too risky.

Although some strategies that companies use to be environmentally friendly come at a cost, the benefits outdo it with a huge margin. For example, changing your machines into more energy-efficient types might require purchasing new machines, but think about the greater good of addressing the problem of global warming. In this post, we will tell you about three simple, yet effective ways of transforming your facility into a green manufacturing plant.

Save Energy and Cut Down Wastes through Circular Manufacturing

Circular manufacturing, also known as lean manufacturing, is a production method based on optimizing the operation efficiency and cutting down waste to increase productivity. This means that your facility enjoys more productivity and minimizes harm to the environment because very low or no waste is released. Some of the strategies you can use for lean operations include:

  • Adopting renewable power sources for your operations.
  • Using predictive maintenance to extend the life and value of the equipment.
  • Recovering materials.
  • Lending equipment to other producers as part of a sharing economy.

Digitizing Your Business Internal Communication

If you want to make your operations more efficient and green, you can achieve it by digitizing internal communication. By making your internal communication fully digital, it means you are able to save tons of paper per year and also help to enhance the overall operational efficiency.

A real-time digital communication system creates a better way for staff to liaise without moving from one office to another. So, whether it is the marketing team issuing a new recommendation for product development or a new survey to the management, the information reaches the target immediately because it is paperless. Other benefits of real-time digital communication include:

  • It saves time and money that could have gone into buying papers, printers, and printing ink.
  • You cut the amount of paper that could finally have ended in the trash.
  • Enhances coordination between employees.
  • Makes it easy to automate communication.

Select Eco-Friendly Partners: Iskander Makhmudov

To make a significant impact on the environment, you cannot achieve it alone. However, teaming with others can help you achieve a lot more. To achieve this, think of all the businesses you work with in the supply chain and craft a strategy to make them adopt green strategies. For example, you can give your raw material supplier one condition for buying from them – using eco-friendly production methods.

For companies that use metal, coal, or precious metals like gold, one supplier that has adopted eco-friendly production is Ural Metallurgical Mining Company (UMMC). Since the company was established in the 1990s, it has installed the latest machinery to reduce emissions and partnered with environmental organizations to support their green initiatives. According to the founder, Iskander Makhmudov, the focus is to give back to the community and make the environment better place for all.

As you can see, there are numerous methods that you can use to make your manufacturing unit green. Remember that no matter how small the initiative is, it can go a long way into making the globe a better place. Also, make sure to regularly review your strategies to ensure they are achieving preset objectives.