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Top 5 Legal money lending Entrepreneurships in Singapore

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If a business is not accredited by the Government of Singapore, as a licensed or legal money lender, then he or she is not authorised to in the money business. It is suggested to take up loans only from verified sources, because that is how you are doing a responsible thing. Here are few of the legal money lenders in Singapore. 


  1. Credit Master PTE Ltd

They have a team of financial experts that will help you in anything you need in the most professional way possible. Starting from an easy way of explaining loan schemes, and their payment methods, for having it under the goodwill of a legal money lender. 


Your company’s goodwill is of utmost importance, when you have to be taking or giving away a loan to a verified borrower. Credit Master is licensed as a private money lending farm, with the accreditation of the Government. 


  1. Credit 21

The legal way of earning ransom interest, and having had the position of a legal money lender in Singapore. Credit 21 is one such licensed moneylender in Singapore which treats their clients with highest consideration in whatever circumstances you are in. Sit back and relax and enjoy the service they offer. 


Proper and easiest way of lending money. Credit 21 is actually the most user friendly company for beginners, or the ones who are borrowing for the first time. They have experts who can direct you to the necessities and credit limit. 


  1. Lending Bee

Lending Bee is one of the most efficient lenders in Singapore. They have worked as legal money lenders with the proper authorisation of the government of Singapore. They also provide you with free cancelation. 


As a legal money lender in Singapore, they have a reputation of a proper company who has been in the money lending business for years. Their experts can brief you with the best possible measures, that is suitable for your income as well. 


  1. Credit Matter

Their loan process is hassle free. Just fill the online form, bring the required documents, after signing, you get the cash on spot. They have a spot analysis process that gives a quicker response to potential or non-potential borrowers. 


If your profile is suitable for their company’s goodwill, then they shall confirm and approve your ṣloan within moments away. But if you do not have the necessary points required as a borrower, then they shall direct you right away. 


  1. SingBusinessLoan

They provide interest rates as low as 12% p.a as they believe in providing a helping hand to customers in these tough economic times. As a legal money lender, they are quite acquitted to the business and know how to help as a legal money lender. 


Authorised as a legal money lender in Singapore, SingBusiness Loan offers unlimited schemes to new startups asking for funds and investments. Hence they are a support to almost all stratas of the society. 


Having said that, the above companies are well authorised and legal. They have been known as legal money lenders for years now. Hence, taking up from them is a useful way of contributing to your financial needs.