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Mobisafar: A Reliable Company For All Banking and Non-Banking Services

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The country is moving towards digitization at a considerable speed, and one of the significant sources of support in this movement is gained from the startups. You can easily find a list of new companies that have been enabling people to do their everyday work online, rather than following conventional methods. One such startup is Mobisafar Services Private Limited. It is a financial services platform, which helps with digital money transfer. Before moving on to its services, let’s see some more details about the company. 


The modern-day technologies have empowered people to use digital platforms for their routine tasks. It has not only made things convenient but has also reduced some of the risks associated with traditional ways of doing the same work. When we talk about this particular application, its company aims to provide the necessary technology to everyone across the nation and not just the privileged ones. 

By keeping that factor in consideration, they have kept all the services and facilities, straightforward and manageable on the platform. If you want to utilize it, you can visit the website and follow some simple steps. You can also try out the mobile app, which will make your work further easier. 

But when it comes to money and transactions, trust plays a crucial factor. You can check out their reviews for the same. People who have already used the platform gave out excellent reviews regarding their services and support.  


Here are the services provided by them to digitize your money transactions and other banking related services. 

-> Bookings

Gone are the times when you had to go to the railway station, airport, or an agent to get your tickets booked. Those methods not only required extra time and effort, but the agents also charged their commissions. So, in that case, you had to pay extra for the same bookings. With the help of platforms like Mobisafar, now you can book the tickets without any hassle. 

What makes this particular application better than others is the ease of use. You can install it on your phone and book as many tickets as you want for all the ways of commutation: Airlines, Railways, Buses. 

-> Domestic Money Transfer

If you are still visiting the bank for transferring money from one account to another, you are only wasting your time and efforts. When you can do this work from the comfort of your phone, why visit the bank and deal with long queues? Mobisafar Services Pvt Ltd allows you to conduct all domestic money transfers within a few clicks. 

-> Other Services

The benefits do not end here. A few more services you can take from the platform are:

  • Recharge: You can conveniently recharge your mobile or DTH service with your mobile. So you do not need to go through the hassle of visiting the service provider’s office and waiting in queues. 
  • Pan Card Centre: You can also generate pan cards using the platform. 


Mobisafar is a reliable money transfer platform. In case you are not confident about the application, you can watch this video. It will help you understand everything while giving a review on the side. So you will not have troubles while making any transactions.