September 26, 2022

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A token system already set to handle the web 3.0 wave

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UB Digital Investment Group or UB Group has introduced the world’s first dual public chain ecology based token that can be attributed with the first ever subscription of mainnet currency. Digital knowledge and information are the key factors of production today. Those who can control or command these factors are on top of UBC competition. Blockchain plays a crucial role in in this new age technology infrastructure which enables organizations and institutions to run the digital economy. Following the guidelines posted nationally in 2018 by the government to construct a digital economy, UB Group has launched its public chain that is completely suitable to be utilized in the new economic environment. It is expected that UBC will grow 10x providing investors and token holders a real opportunity.

Consensus algorithm and smart contracts provide safety

With the new Blockchain setup, UB Group have kept the user first approach. What participants in any block chain network need is – 

  • A safe way to do the transactions
  • A smart way to maintain the anonymity 
  • A convenient way to execute the transactions
  • An efficient way to mine tokens
  • A technology that needs less energy

With the dual chain public ecology, UB Group has come up with a solution that answers to all the requirements users and participants have. By integrating with the DPoS+PoS consensus mechanism, this new ecology offers more of its token holders the opportunity to determine who is producing the blocks. While at the same time, it eliminates environmental harm by significantly reducing energy consumption and alleviating green mining. Using the most advanced and innovative designs, UB Group’s ecology ensures faster settlements across the breadth of contracts available. 

Getting your hands on the tokens

The UB Digital Industry Group has claimed that the total coins in circulation will be 1 billion and that the peak will be reached at the end of five different phases. The base has been established at 50 million token sales, which is 5% of the overall circulation value. Each of the future phases is expected to last about a decade which translates to 50 years of mining output, meanwhile UBC will grow 10x in the near future.

The UBC can be used to pay the cross-chain fee or network transfers. With the web 3.0 ecosystem seeing the light of the day, users need tokens that can work on the new internet and UBC provides just that. With UB dual chain as the underlying tech behind the tokens you get better performance than PoW mechanism. The DPoS + PoS combination incubates lesser number of nodes that participate in accounting and verification. This weakens the centralization attribute and imparts users with efficiency. What token holders getis consensus verification in seconds. Not only this, even more token holders can determine block producers easily.

The UB Smart ecology chain will build the enterprise level security in the efficient and decentralized storage of digital assets. With native security enabled through smart contracts that for a major part of the UB Smart Ecology, a new kind of asset cross chain solution is available that improves the existing transaction ecosystem and paves the way for accessing DeFi ecosystems.