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3 Things to Consider to Apply for A Mortgage Loan in Singapore

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If you are a resident from Singapore and searching for a good mortgage loan provides, then having some of the basic ideas is a must-have thing. This is because amongst several loan providers around, to choose the right one which will be reliable remains everyone’s concern always. Here in this blog, we will be discussing these important considerations that you need to look cautiously before opting for a mortgage loan in Singapore. 

3 Most Essential Factors to Consider 

Singapore, being one of the most populated home-ownerships in the world, has set some prerequisites that you need to qualify before opting for a loan. Although govt. has made the housing facilities affordable for everyone around but to combat the growing rates in the loans, these requirements have been made compulsory. Here are the explanations about the mandates of Singapore mortgage loan, 

  • Eligibility: 

Certain eligibility criteria are made by the banks before sanctioning the loan amount to the lender. These eligibilities are made on the grounds of annual income age, credit score, etc. Although these requirements are common to have any loan in any part of the world, the additional requirement is Total Debt Servicing Ratio (TDSR). It is a kind of cooling measure that is implemented by the Singapore govt. in 2013 to minimize the growing property prices. This measurement requires the banks to verify whether your monthly debt obligation is exceeding more than 60% of your total monthly income or not. 

  • Benchmark Rates: 

To avail mortgage loan in Singapore you have to consider some predefined benchmark rates such as Singapore Interbank Offred Rate, daily reference rate on which loans are transacted between banks using unsecured funds (SOR), etc You have to look what type of benchmark rates will be added to your mortgage loan. 

  • Loan Conditions: 

Unlike other mortgage loans, you have to agree to certain loan conditions in Singapore as well. These conditions will fall on refinancing the loan amount, the period of refinancing, and the later action if failed, etc. The banks will get the authority to dangle any action in case of violating these conditions by the borrower. 

Once you follow all these considerations by doing some research and studies on it, you will quality these requirements and get the mortgage loan in Singapore. You can also take help from a reliable consultancy firm like Avant Mortage by visiting their web portal to get some valuable insights into the matter.