September 26, 2022

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Know The Benefits Of Investing With Glide Invest

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Millions of individuals are now able to engage in independent decision-making regarding their financial investments, thanks to the proliferation of online resources. This strategy is very dissimilar to the one that has been used for the past decade, which involves using a broker who is typically able to provide some advice. But, when you invest with Glide invest, you get the best approach to trade and make a profit directly. Here are a few benefits of investing with Glide Invest- 

Save costs

The first noticeable advantage of working with a low-cost broker is that you end up saving a significant amount of money. There is no way around the fact that you will cut expenses. Glide Invest, in contrast to the majority of brokers in India, does not base its brokerage fees on a percentage of clients’ total turnover. Therefore, you will not be required to pay any brokerage fees whenever you make trades using Glide Invest.

No advisory services

Glide Invest publishes a significant amount of content & information concerning financial markets for the purposes of educating and raising awareness. On the other hand, Glide Invest. Does not in any way provide its customers with advice, recommendations, or other forms of guidance. The company is exclusively focused on providing services for online trading. As a result, there is no potential for a conflict of interest, and there is no financial motivation to recommend a specific product to customers.

Avoid Broker Bias

The term “broker bias” refers to the situation in which a broker provides their client with financial advice based upon what the broker believes will be most beneficial to them as a broker. It’s possible that the broker will be able to assist you by earning a commission on the sale of a particular mutual fund or other products. With Glide Invest, you do not have to worry

 about brokers and their fees, as you can invest and withdraw directly. 

Monitor trades in real time

If you choose to engage in financial transactions through an online trading platform, this does not automatically imply that you will be utilizing a product of lower quality. The fact of the matter is that several online trading companies, such as Glide Invest, provide consumers with a remarkable suite of tools that supply them with crucial insight to assist them in making the best possible use of their trades. People can quickly get an idea of how their investments are performing in real-time by using the stock quotes & transaction details that Glide Invest provides.

Seamless account opening procedure

As part of the Know Your Customer (KYC) norms, the Securities and Exchange Board of India (SEBI), which is India’s market regulator, has made it mandatory for every broker to confirm the details of their customers. Specifically, this entails carrying out a Verification in Person (IPV). This procedure is carried out through the use of the internet. Because of this, the process of opening an account with Glide Invest is not only simple but also quick. Therefore, the entire process of opening a new account typically takes between one and two full business days to complete. We make it our goal to open your trading account as quickly and without any hiccups, as is humanly possible, in contrast to the opening of trading accounts for customers by the majority of brokers, which can take several days or even several weeks.


Many individuals have benefited from the assistance provided by Glide Invest in gaining a solid understanding of their current financial situation. It has already assisted them in saving for their future, has such a clear understanding of where their money sits, and also has offered an easy-to-understand vehicle that allows individuals who would otherwise not invest to grow further.